World Environment Day (WED): Many Species, One Planet, One Future

While we are just one of the millions of species on earth, we have taken for granted other species that live with us. Other species do not even have names yet. So their existence is yet to be discovered, but they are out there helping our earth to be livable and wonderful.

We have claimed the earth as ours, sadly yet we do not lay claim and responsibility of its impending doom due to human activities.

While we are growing in population, other species are decreasing and, worse, disappearing on earth. We are blessed to have witnessed and seen the rich biodiversity of earth. However, each day, there are species that become extinct and never to be seen alive on earth again. And there are more becoming endangered of being wiped out on earth if we do not act on conservation and protection of these species and their environment.

Our insatiable greed for bigger things and luxuries has led to the destruction of forests and marines, thus denying species of their natural habitats. In the name of development and industrialization, we pursue our own good lives at the expense of the lives of other species.

It is time to change. Fight greed. Resist luxuries. Protect our remaining forests and conserve our marines.

Just one day, think about the richness of our earth. Be awed by its wonders and beauty. Just one day, become aware that we are not alone and there are others without names that live with us. Just one day as a starter, do not kill, harm and hurt anything surrounding you.

We live in a shared future and earth. Let us make it good for us and the next generations.

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