Small Things I can do for our Mother Earth

After reading "Future Shock" by Alvin Toffler, I started to think of my role in the future of our world. It might sound messiahnic, but I was not thinking of saving the future for the world. I am thinking small ways on my own little world with my friends and relatives on how to avert the shocks of the future.

One of those shocks is happening now. Climate change. After years of neglecting the plight of environment, after decades of raping the environment, after centuries of sucking the life of environment, our generation is faced with the fruits of those acts. Technological advancement, rapid urbanization and industrialization, and climate change.

The documentary "The Inconvenient Truth" reminds each one of us that we have a role to play to salvage our mother earth from extinction and decay. In light of this, I list down what I could do as an individual. There is power in individuals that can make a dent and difference in the world.

1. Walk whenever I can while I can until I can. I do not want to burn more gases to be emitted in the air. I use the stairs instead of elevators. Or for others to join me in the elevator ride. I do not use it alone.

2. Conserve energy. I turn off unnecessary lights and home appliances.

3. Recycle, reuse, reduce. I do not accept more plastics to be used. I bring plastics/container everytime I go shopping. I buy in bulk as it reduces the number of garbage used for packaging.

4. Put things in a proper places including trash.

5. I do not use straw for my beverage.

6. I do not eat in a cafeteria or restaurant that uses styrofoam for their packaging, plastic cups, forks and spoons . I prefer eating in a plate, using aluminum fork and spoon, and glass.

7. I do not smoke. I also discourage others to smoke infront of me.

8. I live simply. This is one commitment that I have imposed upon myself.

I know you can also do your list. Try to do it and practice it regularly until it becomes a habit.


Let us do something for our mother earth. She has been good to us; let us repay her with our goodness too. She cries for your action. Are you listening?

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